Real Estate Experience

My life as an expatriate working for the United Nations has been much easier thanks to the services provided by Archaeology of Beauty (A of B). My professional activity makes me travel and settle in different countries for extended periods of time. During these transitions it is a key to quickly find an apartment to move in that is adjusted to my budget so I can have the peace of mind to focus my energies in my work and enjoy my career path.

A of B has managed to find me suitable apartments in such different cities as New York or Vienna. In both occasions, A of B has provided impeccable, professional, prompt and effective services. I only had to provide my personal preferences and budget and within a few days they reverted back to me with a wide range of exclusive options that even exceeded my expectations (some of them where even out of the market). In a matter of weeks, I moved in to my new home and everything sort out including home appliances (internet, electricity, gas, etc.). I had invested no time in these tasks so I was able concentrate in my professional activities from minute 1 at my arrival to the country.



Buying gifts for your loved ones should always be a pleasure, but it sometimes turns into a nightmare that leaves us exhausted and drained. We have so many options and so little time that it’s a miracle to find the right thing.

Counting on A of B assistance has allowed me to relax and even enjoy the experience. She makes an exceptional effort to know the context of the person who will receive the gift and the one who is buying it and why, and has perfectly understood what I need. I finally let her know my budget.

She then takes care of everything and suggests several options, from the perfect accessory to the most exquisite culinary experience, always taking my budget into account. In each occasion, my gift has been the most original one, and has been appreciated by the person it was destined to and by other friends. While she was concentrated on this search, I was able to focus on my professional activity and my family, for a most reasonable price.


Arrangements for the 40th birthday

We asked Archaeology of Beauty (A of B) to find places in Madrid for a joint 40th birthday celebration for me and another 5 friends. She immediately suggested several options all of which suited us very well and were pretty much what we needed, in different styles: some underground bar in a unique location to art galleries you can hire for this kind of events.

Besides the variety of choices and the suitability of all of them (capacity, location, style…) what I liked most with A of B is the energy and enthusiasm she transmits in her work. She was so involved with us that she looked like another birthday girl! Thank you Marta for your love and passion, everything was fantastic!



I have been incredibly lucky to have Marta organize many trips to New York, Viena, Santorini, Bangkok or southern France, but also to many places in Spain. She always finds the most charming hotel or the coziest apartment, the best and most beautiful restaurants and the routes to wander and to enjoy, to live a new adventure or to feel like at home, depending on what you are looking for.

She always manages to turn each trip into a unique and unforgettable experience, with love and attentiveness, taking care of every single detail, so when you are back you cannot wait to have her organize a new trip again soon.



Because of my work I’m flying constantly around the world. Until I discovered A of B consultancy services my work related trips were full of room service evenings and duty free shops.

Since I connected with Marta, I have discovered how do to business trips enjoyable without investing time and for an affordable price.

A nice dinner reserved in hot spot close to the my hotel…, the coolest tinny store where you can find things for your beloved ones without being treated as a tourist are some of the things that make a real difference when you are away of home in a business trip.

Definitely worthy for those who likes enjoying life and beauty not investing much money and time.