we offer

digging in your dreams … digging in your needs

Concept Beauty Consultancy (CBC)

In a connected world, we are offering you to take advantage of our networks and of the cosmopolitan essence inherent in them as to satisfy your dreams and desires.

We offer to search and provide services and to consult for unique goods and exclusive proposals,

… from a specific request to comprehensive advice
… for an audience that understands beauty, seeks and pursues it in all its facets…

We provide

  • scouting
  • specific advice on furniture, antiques , home aesthetics, exclusive trips , restaurants for special occasions, rentals of unique spaces for celebrations, real estate searches and unique holiday and leisure proposals oriented to the needs of people
  • identifying needs and drafting proposals
  • specific advice and oriented sessions on floral decoration and floral arrangement
  • tailor-made service for each requirement
  • the concept store idea custom-made for each individual

Our Goals

To create special and unique realizations
Looking forward to achieve customer satisfaction